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Web Design 90%
Web Development 70%
App Development 95%
Wordpress 60%

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Animated elements

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Responsive Design

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Modern design

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Retina ready

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Fast support

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    2022 সালের সেরা ফুলের ছবি ডাউনলোড করুন

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    About Median UI Blogger Template:

    Going to create a blog on Google Blogspot, and need a modern UI to improve your UX. Median UI is a modern template, created with Bootstrap to give a fast rendering to your site. Don't worry if you are using a free platform, blogger for your first blog or Website. This awesome template will add to your blog beauty and attraction.

    The median UI blogger template is designed and developed by Muhammad Makki. And there are multiple versions of the template, which can be switched manually. A simple UI version is transparent with elegant design modules and elements. However, an AMP version is also added to add Google AMP pages to your blog or website.

    Median UI support double sidebars (left & right) to display various elements by design. You can say that this is an amazing template, with each of the pages designed well. The look and feel of its pages is unique and different. From landing pages to single post pages, and archive pages, this blogger template is outstanding.

    It is equipped with two visual modes. A swipe button is given at the right top. A user can swipe into the light mode or dark mode according to his/her choice. It means that design is responsive not only to devices but also to users.

    Overall, this is a modern template, which meets the needs of blogs created under wide niches. I mean, you can easily create a blog in news, health, recipes, books, and any other category by using this.

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    Responsive modern designed template for Blogspot blogger. An elegant design and look are given by using modern modules and elements. Fully responsive to all kinds of devices.

    Fully functional double sidebars are provided in the template. The right sidebar contains the profiles, some common widgets, and popular posts. While the left sidebar contains the site logo, categories, menus, and other widgets.

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    The first picture or image of your pages or posts serves as the featured image. Related posts widget with thumbnail is provided at the end of each post.

    The default blogger comment system is added in the template. However, it supports the Disqus comment system by adding a widget in the layout section.

    There are many other features including Add This Widget Support, Star Rating, Custom . JSON schema support, and others.

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